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det_hayes's Journal

29 August 1969
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Name:Cole Hayes
Squad:Homicide/DA's Investigator

Background: Cole grew up in the outskirts of St.Louis with his parents,Thomas and Angela, and two siblings,Zack and Annabelle. The rest of his family all lived within twenty miles of their home and visited often. All of Cole's uncles were police officers though his father had broken the tradition by becoming a becoming a factory worker, considering it less dangerous.

Cole grew up listening to the stories about catching the bad guys and all the adventures that his uncles took part in and wanted to be just like them. He was a fairly average child spending his time riding bikes and playing sports with his friends. Cole did average work through school, exceeding more at science than any other class.

When he hit high school the Spanish class caught his attention one day and he eagerly learned all that he could. Cole decided as he got closer to graduation that he didn't want to stay in St.Louis and began looking for colleges in New York with good Criminal Justice courses. He got a scholarship to John Jay and got to work on becoming a cop like he'd wanted to be.

Once Cole graduated and got onto the force he had to work hard to make his way up through the ranks to become a Homicide Detective. One of the casualties of his long hours of work was his marriage. He and his ex-wife,Madeline, met through a mutual friend that asked Cole to be Madeline's tour guide when she first moved into the city. Not long after their wedding they found out they were expecting a child and Madeline gave birth to their only child, a son named Max. Cole and Max are very close, as are Madeline and Cole since the divorce was very amicable.

Personality:While working Cole is quiet and watchful taking in plenty of information before making judgments; it also lets others underestimate him because it seems it takes him a long time to get things. At home Cole is more relaxed and likely to joke around. He also scratches his right ear when confused.

Cole is an avid baseball fan watching or taping every game he can. He likes playing it as well but prefers running as his method of exercise.

Quirks/Weaknesses/Flaws: While Cole has a great capacity for kindness he is also very slow to trust new people. He's not a very outgoing person and is sometimes seen as arrogant and overbearing.
baseball, kids, music, running, sports, st.louis cardinals.